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Sanderson Automotive Repair Service Adheres to Four Core Values

  1. We value honesty — it's what we build our business on
  2. We value trust — It's how we work together
  3. We value education — it's what we share and how we grow
  4. We value service — it's a matter of health and happiness

About honesty - as told to us by a client and business associate:
One day, as Cheryl and I were waiting in Sanderson's shop/office for Dave to arrive, there was a young man talking with a middle age man about why he frequented Sanderson's auto shop for repairs. He said, "Dave Sanderson is the most honest mechanic I have ever known. I can believe whatever he tells me about my car because it will be the truth."

"That's why", he says, "I won't go anywhere else."

Cheryl and I smiled at one another because this young man had no idea that Cheryl is Dave's sister. We didn't need to hear this because we already knew, but it was a bit of validation seeing first hand that honesty does build better relationships.

Edward Cannell

About trust - As told to us by a client
"We moved to Vernon in 1996 and set about right away to find an independent garage to maintain the regular service of our vehicles and to handle any repairs that we might need over time. Dave Sanderson at Sanderson Service has provided for our needs for the past 16 years and is the first place we send our friends if they have car repair issues.

Recently, my car died for no reason when my disabled son was in the van with me on our way to his day program. When BCAA arrived to jump start it, I asked him to follow me to Sanderson Service knowing that Dave would make sure that it would not happen again and strand us somewhere. He immediately checked the electrical system and found that the battery was the problem, got a replacement and had me on my way as quickly as possible.

As I said to Dave that day, he makes me feel safe, knowing that he is always there when I need service while making sure that I don't waste money on unnecessary repairs. I have purchased a number of new cars since I came to Vernon and always return to Sanderson's for maintenance as soon as the new car service agreement is up. I would like to wish Dave well in his new location and encourage everyone to drop in and check it out."

Val Heuman

About education
It is imperative today to keep up with technology as it applies to auto mechanics. We value our ongoing commitment to education and we share that knowledge in the shop and with our clients when it is appropriate. You don't really want to know how to fix your own car, but it may be important to know certain maintenance standards and why they are in place. Knowing the standards and the risks you take when they are not adhered to is important information to know.

You want to know that our licensed mechanics have a solid education in modern computer diagnostics and troubleshooting. As automobiles get more sophisticated so too does our knowledge, experience and education.

About service
Sanderson Service is big on service. This is a broad category that takes in many different aspects that range from attitude through to a clean finish before returning your vehicle to you. We take the meaning of service to heart, and we do so because we are equally pleased when our clients are grateful for the care and attention we give their car or truck.

Being of service to you means keeping you safe and providing peace of mind. Being of service to you is also a core business model, and personal satisfaction, and a means of developing our own habits and maintaining integrity in our daily work. It is all of these things and we benefit from them as much as you do when receiving this level of service.

About Safety
For your safety keeping your vehicle in top condition is our first priority, and while your vehicle is in our shop or yard it is kept safe inside our fenced compound that has abundant parking.


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