2514 43 Street, Vernon, BC V1T 6L1
Phone: (250) 542-7757

  • Discs, drums
  • ABS service, diagnostics
  • flushing

  • Tune ups
  • fuel injection service
  • exhaust repairs
  • engine rebuilding
  • computer diagnostic

  • cooling system flush
  • heaters, radiators
  • belts, hoses
  • air conditioning
  • repair, refill, retrofit

  • rack and pinion
  • shocks, struts
  • suspension air bags
  • ball joints

  • charging systems
  • batteries, alternators
  • starters
  • wiring repairs

  • transmission service
  • differential service/repair
  • transfer case, 4x4 controls
  • front hubs

  • Sales, mounting, repair, balancing

As an independent tire retailer Sanderson Service is able to get you the best pricing and quality on tires by contacting all tire wholesalers in our area and letting them compete for your tire dollar

labor charged out as per Alldata flat rate
  • All work is fully guaranteed for 1 year or 20,000 kms
  • A copy of your invoice is always on file, and should you ever need a duplicate be sure to ask for a copy.

Authorized Provincial Inspection Facility
Facility # S4553

The secret to worry free driving is regularly scheduled maintenance
Every 5 months or 5000 kms
Oil Change and chassis lube:
  • gets rid of harmful deposits
  • keeps you aware of vehicle condition

Every 12 Months or 18,000 kms
Tune up with Gas filter change:
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Protects fuel pump
  • Motorvac fuel injection clean
  • Increases mileage " performance

Every 24 Months or 40,000 kms
Brake check and lube calipers:
  • Spots brake problems before they become expensive
  • Cooling system flush - rids antifreeze of harmful acids
  • Brake fluid flush - eliminates brake fade because of moisture (a must for ABS systems)

Every 60,000 kms or 3 years
Automatic transmission service
  • Protects against early failure
  • Power Steering flush
  • Protects pump and rack and pinion

Every 100,000 kms
Timing belt replacement
Damage may be caused in many engines if belt is not maintained.

A pro-active view to car repairs will cost less than following the old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."