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You're Going to Love Our Repair Service
You're Going to Love Our Repair Service

Vernon Automotive licensed Mechanic Repair Service & Tire Sales

Vernon Automotive licensed Mechanic Repair Service & Tire Sales What is your biggest worry?
For many people in Vernon their biggest worry about getting their vehicle repaired is not about the actual repairs — it is finding a mechanic they can trust. People want to feel confident that their vehicle is in good hands and that the information they receive about their car or truck benefits them the most.

All in all, finding a mechanic you are confident with can be a stressful and time consuming problem to solve no matter where you live, but in Vernon, we can help you find a good solution. The solution is to ask the right questions, and the right questions always have to do with business in general. You want to know what motivates a business owner and the values they place on doing business.

Here are some of the best questions to ask:

  • How does it benefit your business to be honest with me?
  • Is your business model based on long term, or short term goals?
  • What do you value the most when it comes to being of service?

These questions are applicable to all service based businesses, and it won't be the answers that are as important as how natural the answers feel. When a business owner has built a business based on honesty and integrity they have a natural and familiar response to the business questions you ask.

In Vernon we recognize that your key to finding the best automotive repair service at the right price is based on the level of trust that you feel. We work to build your trust and to keep you safe. For more information see our VALUES.

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We are a gov't inspection facility. S4553

Vernon Auto Repairs Service, licensed Mechanic & Tire Sales

After a couple of moves to relocate to larger facilities we are now back near the OK Landing area. The latest move is the result of a fire in the shop at 4602 31st Street.

Sanderson Service provides Vernon and area with automotive repair services for all cars and light trucks.

There are two things we live for as an automotive shop:

  • To provide quality parts and mechanic services for all repairs
  • To be innovative and find solutions to your unique problems

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Listing What Helps Us Help You

As an independent tire retailer Sanderson Service is able to get you the best pricing and quality on tires by contacting all tire wholesalers in our area and letting them compete for your tire dollar

Computerized business management
  1. Allows us to track repairs
  2. We know what's been done and what lies ahead
  3. Warranty work is never a problem, 1 year or 20,000 kms
  4. Comprehensive record of repairs available for tax time
  5. Regular maintenance program established for each vehicle

Alldata keeps us current with approved repair procedures
  1. OEM service bulletins available
  2. Manufacturers recall bulletins available (You may not have to pay for recall repairs!)

  1. 2 licensed technicians, each with over 20 years of experience
  2. Service writer who excels at customer service
  3. Customers are always called for repair approval - No surprises
  4. Follow up calls to ensure customer satisfaction

When you have a few minutes…
Stop by and share your mechanical problems with us. We are here to serve.

2514 43 Street, Vernon, BC V1T 6L1
Phone: (250) 542-7757


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